Best Places For Printing Real Estate Postcards

With so many online companies offering an array of real estate marketing products and services, there are a few important things that each Realtor should think about before placing an order for real estate postcards.

  1. What will be the size of your real estate farming postcards? The choices are: EDDM (
    Every Door Direct Mail
    ) compliant postcards sizes from 6.5”x 8.5” to 8.5”x11.5”, 4×6 regular postcards or 6×8 jumbo size ones.
  2. How many farming postcards are you planning to print?
  3. What will be your delivery method: EDDM, manual distribution, 1st class mailing or mail house?
  4. Are you going to use pre-made postcard templates in case of Just Sold postcards or design a custom card with your own message?
  5. If you have your own unique real estate farming postcards ideas will you need any help with design?

Things to consider:

1. With EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) compliant real estate postcards many marketers go with the largest size allowed because mailing cost is the same for all sizes. To offset the printing cost they include a few coupon ads from their local partner businesses. Some businesses have pre-designed ads with ready-to-print files available and some have nothing. This is where you may want to hire a designer for creating a professionally looking real estate marketing postcards that you will not be ashamed to distribute.

2. In most of the cases it doesn’t make any sense to print less than 1000 postcards for several reasons.
Price difference for printing 250, 500 or 1000 full color marketing postcards is very minimal. Prices for up to 1000 postcards reflect for most printers only the time spent on setting up and processing your order.
Considering 2% response rate, sending out less than 1000 postcards may not bring any results at all.

3. Many agents print large quantities of postcards and distribute them using mailing and hand-delivery throughout the year if the content is not time–sensitive, of course.
Some of the printing companies provide mailing services for an additional fee. They usually require your mailing addresses in one of the most common formats like CSV of Tab delimited text to be submitted to their mailing department for processing. This processing fee is charged for setting up a mail merge. If your cards are glossy on both sides the addresses will be printed with solvent based inks on a special printer. Laser printers or regular inkjet printer can’t print on glossy or semi-glossy postcards. Even if you are going to order your farming postcards on matte paper, always request a paper sample from the printing company to test if you can print on it using your printer.

4. Pre-made postcards templates are perfect for Just Listed or Just Sold postcards, for example. For other standard occasions most of the printing companies provide enough templates to choose from. The only time when Real Estate agents will really need custom design is when they advertise a special or unique event like community garage sale or if you are planning to use EDDM cards.

5. To hire a designer you need to choose your printing company first in order to have an idea about the printing cost for the size of the cards you’d like to print. Once the company is chosen, place an ad on one of the websites like or Many of the designers on are surprisingly good, fast and not expensive – $5 for the basic project is the standard starting price. You just need to provide them with the specifications from the printing company that you chose along with some samples of the postcards that you like and what exactly should be written on both sides of the card.

Online companies for printing, designing and distributing real estate farming postcards:

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New Life of Real Estate Marketing Postcards

Most of new agents may think that real estate marketing postcards are a thing of the past, but we can assure you that this is simply not true. Savvy marketers realize that postcards for real estate farming are still very effective because people get the message immediately without having to read a lengthy newsletter or flip through the pages of a magazine to see your advertisement. Each 6″x8″ or 6.5″x9″ EDDM compliant postcard is an enormous ad that is placed alone directly into your prospect’s hands. just-sold-1It easily beats newspaper or magazine ads, where one’s attention is divided between other competing ads and offers. It also beats email marketing in terms of deliverability. With so many spam and image filters, it has become almost impossible to guarantee that your message will be seen by its recipient.

Prospecting through real estate marketing postcards is a science more than it is an art. If done correctly, it will give your business a tremendous advantage over your competition that relies on email and social media only.

What are the advantages of real estate farming postcards comparing with email marketing?

First is the limitations of an email list. It will only reach those subscribers who explicitly agreed to receive promotional emails from you. An average Realtor with 10 years of experience will only have 150 to 250 clients in their email data base. Any professional marketer will say that is not enough to market anything in any industry.

On the other hand, with real estate marketing postcards you can reach a much larger mailing list without the fear of breaking anti-spam laws. There are many high quality printing companies like that specialize in printing postcards for Realtors at very reasonable prices.

Available delivery methods:
USPS EDDM will deliver your real estate marketing postcards to every house in a specific geographical area that you chose. You may print cards and then hire local teenagers to hand-deliver postcards to certain neighborhoods, or resort to the traditional method of sending postcards to your prospects using a mailing list.

One important point should be made about postcards for real estate farming. Real estate marketing has a lower conversion rate than less expensive products and services. You should not expect more than a 2% conversion rate on sales with mail-in postcards. In our case, real estate post cards serve as reminders of your service and should provide valuable community information.
Bragging about your achievements, number of sales or awards will not develop trust in potential clients. Recommending a reliable and affordable handy man, contractor, gardener, providing free notary public service, organizing community garage sale or offering free golf lessons will get people to remember you. Other real estate farming postcard ides may come to you after identifying the most common problems for the home owners in your farming area.

Of course, there are Just Listed and Just Sold postcards that Realtors love to mail but they are not the only cards that you should be sending out on regular basis. There are a few real estate marketing postcards ideas that may help agents with collecting new email addresses, generating website traffic and referrals.

Three components of postcards for real estate farming.

Textual components:

  1. Headline
  2. Message (2-3 sentences)
  3. Call to action

Here is an example of the front of the postcard using the above outline.

3 Things You Must Do To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Thinking of selling your house? Read about 3 must-do home improvements that will help to increase the value of your property up to $15,000!
To get your free report visit:
[QR code and SMS text ID for the above address]

Your contact information and photo should go on the back side of the card with the same URL that is on the front. The URL is designed to have a special and unique ending for tracking purpose. Your website should have a script for redirecting visitors that type in the above URL to the opt-in page where visitors are presented with the first paragraph of the report and are asked to enter their email in order to be able access the full version of the report. This way you will be getting new email addresses for your emailing campaigns, creating some targeted traffic to different pages of your website which Google will see as a sign of importance and popularity, measuring interest of your clients to various topics. As you can see there is some custom automation required for your website. This is why you should not even consider having a standard cookie-cutter website offered by some companies or brokerages. When you look at the best real estate websites, you will see that they are always custom designed and automated. These websites always have a wide selection of automated tools for collecting visitors’ information and analyzing marketing campaigns.

Here is another example of one of the Real Estate marketing postcards ideas for collecting email addresses and introducing yourself to the community:

September 15th Community Garage Sale!

It is time to clean up your garage!

Go to this page: and register if you’d like to participate!
We’ll put signs directing traffic to your house!
First 3 registered households will get FREE Starbucks coffee and donuts for breakfast!

For more information visit:
[QR code and SMS text ID for the above address]

As you can see, real estate farming postcards serve as an excellent ice-breaker for you especially if you are starting your Real Estate career or just trying to expend your “farming” territory.

Let’s compare Real Estate marketing postcards with a few other traditional marketing products starting with marketing Newsletter.
To be effective, marketing newsletter needs fresh content for each new issue. Designing postcards for real estate farming is less complicated. You need just 1 or 2 pictures and a headline.
Newsletters take longer to design and compile than postcards.
Newsletters ship folded with content and offers often hidden inside. Marketing postcards are always “open” & deliver their messages instantly.
Only a few people read articles inside marketing newsletters. Real Estate marketing postcards have much shorter but “to the point” message that is read and understood right away.
Newsletters’ mailing cost is higher comparing to postcards.

Marketing brochures or fliers can combine elements of farming postcards and newsletters.
They can be designed to promote a product or a service the same way as postcards but with more textual content. It usually costs more to print brochures or even fliers than Real Estate marketing postcards and with tremendous advances of smart phones, e-book readers and small tablets multi-page brochures and newsletters are being substituted with their digital versions online.

Although there are older people that prefer to read things on paper, you must consider including elements of virtual marketing into your printed materials: QR codes and SMS text IDs. For example, on Just Sold real estate postcards, many Realtors print both of these codes for people who are not good at typing long web addresses on their smart phones or tablets. Both SMS text ID and QR codes can be set up in advance by companies like for each property listing or in fact any web page that you’d like people to go to. All clients will have to do in order to get instant listing information is to send a text or scan QR code. If you don’t already know, QR means Quick Response and this is exactly what you should aim for when using any of your marketing methods!

Real Estate Farming 101

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a new real estate agent evaluating different marketing ideas, you’ve probably heard of farming.

What is Real Estate Farming?

gothic-260If you are tweeting about real estate and have a core group of followers, you are farming…

If you are just knocking on doors, you are not farming. You are wasting your time.

Should you concentrate on a geographic farm, a social farm or both?
What real estate marketing materials would be the most effective tools for your specific farm?

We are going to concentrate not only on the “DOs” and “DON’Ts” of Real Estate farming and prospecting techniques but also on a whole array of other marketing ideas and methods including integrating web and email marketing into farming.

The very first “DON’T’ would be spending all your resources and money on “old school” farming marketing materials and products without a proper web presence.

Times have changed.
Real estate marketing has moved to the web and this is why you have to establish and develop your web properties first before even thinking about printing your farming postcards of fliers! Your printed marketing materials will need to be directly related to the content of your main website and other web properties.

Real estate prospecting ideas of today should be much more diverse and composed if more than just passing out business cards and notepads with your name and phone number!

The goal of “old Real Estate farming” was to become somewhat familiar with home owners and to be remembered at the right moment.
The new farming should replace most of the notepads and fridge magnets with happy faces of Realtors with browsers’ bookmarks, social bookmarks, Google+ circles, etc.

The new goal is to be “remembered” not only in people’s minds but by mobile phones and computers as well.
People are not going to do this because of your pretty face or your awards. You need to give them something really valuable in the form of useful information that is not easily available anywhere else.

Nowadays there is no reason for doing real estate farming with printed material or even with email newsletters without having a quality website!

Not just any website – it needs to be an outstanding in terms of content and unique geared toward your community.

Once your website is set up and filled with all the goodies, you are ready for farming.
Read some tips on setting up and using your website for marketing along with your farming program.

The first step would be to pick a farm as a group of people or specific neighborhoods you would like to target. The ideal group to test your real estate marketing ideas would be your social farm: family, friends, acquaintances, your church fellowship, school carpool partners, fitness club buddies, golf partners, etc… – you get the drift. Make a list of everyone you feel comfortable with to mail/hand out your marketing materials on a regular basis to solicit business or just keep your name in front of them in case some need in your services or consultation would arise. If you have come to real estate from some other line of work, it may be logical to send all your former business associates an introductory email newsletter in addition to announcing your new profession through social media websites.

Your social farm may not yet be big enough to sustain a constant stream of referrals. You will need to find a geographical area you can target and come up with a solid real estate marketing plan for long-term marketing. Take some time to research the area, check the average sales price, see if any agent is dominating listings and sales and if the farm is getting his/her real estate newsletters. If the latter is true, your efforts and money could be wasted. It is much harder to take away a farm from a seasoned professional who has already won the trust and business from many residents than to start fresh in a new geographical area that doesn’t get consistent delivery of any marketing materials.
Now you are ready to start “farming” – a planned prospecting campaign in which you heavily service a geographic area (or social group) with marketing materials in an effort to get listings, buyers and referrals.

Real Estate Farming is a long-term prospecting goal.

It will take about six months to a year and a lot of unique real estate marketing ideas to start becoming productive. As you break into a farm, it will become a strong base for your growing business and it will get easier as time goes on. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results – consistency with marketing materials and personal contact are imperative to becoming a successful farmer.

In your first year of your Real Estate farming you should plan on delivering at least 25 -30 different marketing materials. Ideally you want to do 52 different types, that one per week. You will also want to sponsor one garage sale for the neighborhood. It means that at least every other week your farm residents should get something from you (like a postcard, paper newsletter or email newsletter) with your photo and contact information. If you study farming ideas of your most successful colleagues you would notice that they would concentrate on custom real estate newsletters, and professional calendars with community events, postcards highlighting “Just Listed and Just Sold” properties in the neighborhood.

You should always look for unique ways to deliver your marketing materials – not just traditional mailing that gets more and more expensive every year or hand-delivering your newsletters to residents. That can be time-consuming and counter-productive as they quickly disappear into the recycling bin. Talk to your local coffee shop owner and have your custom real estate newsletters available there when your prospective clients are relaxing with their daily “cup of Joe” and are more open to read something useful and short – you may have more luck of successfully delivering your message to more prospective clients and widening your client base.

When you are evaluating marketing ideas, imagine yourself in your clients’ shoes — would you rather read a local newspaper filled with doom and gloom about the economy or quickly check on property values in the neighborhood, get some useful remodeling tips, solve a Sudoku puzzle and laugh at a couple of cartoons in a fun-filled real estate newsletter?

You may ask now: “How will all these Real Estate farming postcards and newsletters help me promote my website and heighten my search engine ranking?”

It is not complicated. Your Real Estate farming postcards and newsletters should always include multiple links (textual or QR code) to different sections on your website. For example, when advertising a community garage sale, invite your clients to register on your website to win a free breakfast from Starbucks. Your newsletter or postcard should always include a textual or QR code with the words: “For more information go here…

Your website needs to target visitors that will stay on your page. To accomplish this, you will need to provide useful and relevant information – this will be noticed by search engines and result in a higher ranking in search results. You may also collect a good number of emails from your farm after each mailing cycle. As long as your custom real estate newsletters are professional and provide unique information, potential clients will assume that your website will offer the same. Knowing what different types of information are valuable to particular communities is the key to successful realization of all your farming ideas.

Our step-by-step Real Estate Farming Program (found here) describes some of the aspects mentioned here in more details.