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Our selection and recommendation of real estate marketing tools, methods and products is based on the more than 19 years of experience working with hundreds of Real Estate and Mortgage professionals from US and Canada. In our fast-changing world a number of previously popular real estate marketing products and marketing ideas got replaced with online and mobile applications. Although many of Real Estate professionals are embracing new technologies, others are still stuck with old methods of marketing that are not producing good results, especially during the times of recession.
New real estate agents on the other hand are focusing their effort mostly on social media and other high tech methods forgetting or not realizing that many of the “old” marketing products and methods can be used in tandem with electronic methods as permanent components of modern real estate marketing plan.
Helping for almost two decades some the most successful professionals in real estate and mortgage field with their marketing and learning what else they were doing to get lots of business and referrals in times of prosperity and get ahead of the competition at market downturns, we compiled a list of real estate marketing products, design tips and methods that really work. It gives you practical steps of implementing a year-long proven marketing plan to get your real estate marketing on track and deliver steady results.
Internet is full of different companies that may offer similar products and training courses with wide pricing range but most of them are too generic to be helpful in creating personal relationships with your potential clients.
Some companies provide “easy all-in-one marketing solutions” hosting realtors’ websites, promoting and taking care of many aspects of marketing and social media. None of top producers that we know use any of these services. They simply cannot build a truly successful business by completely relying on the 3rd party.
If you are a new real estate agent or just considering becoming one, some of the information might be too overwhelming. Keep reading, ask questions and soon you’ll find yourself knowing even more than some of the seasoned realtors that have been in business for decades. Then it will be completely up to you how you are going to use your knowledge…